Creator Reveals True Optimism Behind Attack On Titan’s Giants, So called Titans!!

Have you Ever Wondered How The Creator got his Encouragement to Write the Story of one of the Most Beloved Action Anime, Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin. Well, If you did wondered? Then you are at the impeccable Place. The Story Revolves around Three Massive Walls Constantly Under-Attack by Giants so called, Titans.

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The bumbling, blood-thirsty creatures have been made famous by creator Hajime Isayama, But What you guys Think, What Exactly aroused Hajime to create such disastrous leviathan. Everyone Would Like to Know, What kind of Inspiration is Behind These Titans in Shingeki no Kyojin? Well, The Answer Lies within this Blog:

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When Attack on Titan’ Season was doing Good and Earning Hajime lots of dignity, Hajime was Invited in an Interview and  Nihon TV’s Zip! and shared some untold details about his creative process and his one od the most preeminent work. Then, Someone asked about how he got the Idea to Create The disastrous leviathan, Titans. He smiled and Replied “It’s all thanks to that inconspicuous drunk for giving me the idea.”

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The artist said the thought came to him while he was working at an Internet cafe in Japan. During his shift, Hajime run into a very drunk customer, and the creator said he was battered by how absurd it was for him to reach out with the inebriate well-wisher. Even thought the two men were human, Hajime continued thinking about the encounter and came to realize that the most terrifying animal in the world is none other than humans.

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The artist also revealed that he grew up in a small Japanese village surrounded by mountains. Just like how Eren wishes to breakout his home’s walls, Hajime Isayama ached to move out beyond his city’s mountains.

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