It hasn’t been long since Attack on Titan encased its second season, but fans are still whispering about the anime. The alarmingly renowned show made its long-awaited comeback in April, leaving fans on edge as season two revealed some very unanticipated secrets. A third season of Attack on Titan has already been announced for next year, and the show’s director is now telling fans a bit about what to expect.

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Recently, Tetsuro Araki sat down to thank fans for their support of Attack on Titan’s second season. It was during his interview that Araki talked a bit about season three, and the series director teased fans about the upcoming season.

Tetsuro Araki said:

“We really enjoyed making the anime and felt it turned out well in the end. Although the anime takes a break here, we’re still working on it. We will put our best efforts into making season 3,”

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“Will the person wearing glasses at the end of season 2 play a part in season 3? Will everyone be able to survive? Will somebody die? It’s hard to know. Look forward to the next season. We’re still having fun making Attack on Titan.”

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The Creator of Attack on Titan eventually reveals the mysterious man’s name is Zeke Yeager. The older man is the half-brother of Eren as they both were fathered by Grisha. Zeke hails from the island country of Marley where humanity still lives freely, and the Shifter is one of its warchiefs. Known as Marley’s best soldier, Zeke acts as a sort-of mirror to Captain Levi, and Zeke heads up his country’s hunt for a tool known as the Coordinate. The ancient weapon is said to be under Paradis’ control, and it falls on Zeke to find the Coordinate as it will give Marley control over the Titan population for good.

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He just said “You will Miss Erwin“. No one’s sure what really is going to happen, maybe because of the accident (Titan ate his hand) he can’t join the survey corps or some other? Well, these questions are going to get answered in the Season 3 for Attack on Titan.

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Other than that, Main Villain for Season 3 is Zeke Yeager (UNCONFIRMED but rumors are saying that this one is true as well). No particular deaths are announced for our Leads including: Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and Other Survey Corp members for Season 3.

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