Attack On Titan Season 3 Plot and Summary

Attack On Titan Season 3 Plot and Summary

Attack On Titan Season 3 Plot and Summary

Well , Hello Everyone . Today , I’m gonna discuss about something very Special and Interesting i.e Attack On Titan Season 3 Plot and Summary  and what can be expected from this Season . Well the most obvious Answer is New Story , New Wall , New Adventures and the Most Interesting thing – New Type of Titans .

First of all I’m gonna do a quick revision of some things from the Season 2 that are needed to understand the meaning of some things regarding the Third Season . Now let’s start the Revision ( It is really a Short Revision of about 5 Brief Points , so , Please don’t Skip it .) Here goes :

  1. Colossal Titan is about 60 Meters Tall .
  2. Beast Titan is about 17 Meters Tall .
  3. Wall Maria is considered to be the outermost Wall and is 50 Meters tall .
  4. Titans are usually 2-3 Meters Wide ( Irrespective of their Height ) .
  5. The Blonde Haired Scout who was Previously known as Christa turned out to be the King’s Illegitimate Daughter namely ‘ Historia ‘ .

Ok , enough about the Previous Seasons , Now let’s get Started with what’s Gonna happen in the Third Season .

I really hate to say this but I just can’t help it “If you don’t like any kind of Spoilers then Please Stop Reading and I wanna make it clear that I haven’t even seen the Poster of any Manga of Attack on Titan .

What I write always depends on what I’ve watched in the Anime and what I’ve heard from my Manga Reading Friends ( Even I don’t like the Drastic Spoilers like “Reiner is the Armored Titan” ) .”

Well the Third Season is supposed to Air in April 2018 . It may focus on Eren Struggling to Master his New Power that allows him to Control Titans .

It is expected that he may not be able to use it as he pleases to (Coz if that happens then what’ll be the Point of making a new Season if it’ll only show Eren driving off all the Titans away from the Walls by just telling them to do so .) Just like all countries of the world have boundaries , the Countries in Attack on Titan also have Walls that serve as Boundaries between different Countries .

A fourth Wall was always present outside wall Maria from which people were thrown off after injecting them with the Titan Transforming Serum and that’s where Reiner , Bertholdt , Annie and Ymir come From i.e their Hometowns are situated outside Wall Maria but near the Boundary Wall . Now the Upcoming Season may feature Historia’s Dad i.e the King itself and he too is expected to be a Titan as well ( A Unique Type of Titan Shifter).

Also this Season is going to Unveil the Mystery behind the Transformation of People into Titan ( The Way by which they Transformed ) and is going to show the difference between the Human-Titan Shifters and the Titans and also How a Normal Titan can turn back into a Human . This Season is supposed to unveil the True Identity and Motives of the Beast Titan and a 200 Meter Wide Titan is going to Appear ( I don’t Suppose that it’s gonna be a Friendly One ) that may feature in the Trailer of the Season as Well .

I’m not gonna directly tell you who that Titan is but if you are intelligent enough and have read my Blog Thoroughly then you can figure it Out Yourself .

Looking at the Way things are headed the Upcoming Season may be a Long one – Of About 24 Episodes Because the Writers have a lot on their Plate and the Second Season got an Overwhelming Response from the Viewers.

There won’t be a problem of ‘Funds’ Now . That’s all for Today . Thank you all for Reading my Blog and Sorry if you found it long and Boring . I’ll try to write Shorter Ones or Dividing Long Blogs into Two Parts in the Future . If you have any Theories or Queries regarding this Blog then feel free to message me on My Facebook ID : Anmol Agrawal

Thank You for watching Attack On Titan Season 3 Plot and Summary and Have a Nice Day.


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