Hashirama was a lot skilled and he was the most powerful person in his era so it is impossible for anyone to kill him at that era? If someone Killed him then Who Killed him and Why? These are some Questions which really Need an answer. Well we have our own theories on this topic, so lets have a look at them:

The peace Hashirama had worked so hard for was starting to unravel; at some point Takigakure sent Kakuzu to assassinate him. Although he defeated Kakuzu, other wars began to break out, and it was during one of these that Hashirama ultimately died. Before his death he passed the title of Hokage to Tobirama, but also instructed him not to mistreat the Uchiha.

how did hashirama die

Even if Hashirama was weaker because he got old, I doubt that someone could defeat him in a 1 on 1 fight. He might have died either to protect the younger ones, like Tobirama did or maybe he fought a group of elite ninjas. Hopefully we will get an exact answer from Kishimoto because killing the God of Shinobi is something that even Madara wasn’t able to do.

So this is where the blog ends, Thank you for Reading ” How did The First Hokage (Hashirama Senju) die? ”
I will be back with my another theory soon! Till then “Farewell”

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