How did The First Hokage (Hashirama Senju) die?

I guess Everyone Reading this Blog have already Watched Naruto and all of its Series and already know about Hashirama Senju: The First Hokage. In case you didn’t hear/remember him, there’s a short description of him:

how did hashirama die

Hashirama Senju was a member of the famed Senju clan. He himself was hailed as the “God of Shinobi” for his unmatched ninja prowess. Hashirama sought peace for the shinobi world, and to that end founded Konohagakure with his clan, his childhood friend and rival: Madara Uchiha and the Uchiha clan. He would later become the First Hokage of Konohagakure. Although he was not able to achieve peace during his lifetime, his legacy and vision for the world would continue to shape the village and the entire shinobi world even after his death.                                       ( Click Here to Read More about The First Hokage)


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