Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers Confirmed!

Dragon Ball Super: Frieza Joins Universe 4!
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Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers

The Dragon Ball community was never as excited as they are these days. If you have made your speculations about how Frieza is going to betray team Goku in the tournament, we have some spoilers which might just blow your mind. Yes, There are Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers Confirmed!. These might be the biggest spoilers in the history of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 94:

Evil Emperor Resurrection! Mysterious thugs who meet! Is it? Power competition Goku heads for fortune telling for baba’s house to join with Frieza, who succeeded in scouting as the tenth of the universe 7 warriors. While each member makes final adjustments, Satoru and Trunks were visiting the south island where Android 17 is the guardian.
Episode 94 is a very basic episode who we all might have pretty accurately guessed. We would see Trunks and Goten going to the south islands for the protection of the wildlife in the absence of Android 17. Now the thing we should expect a twist in here, is who will be the mysterious thugs?
The other one is a massive one which says Frieza will have to face Universe 9 god of Destruction Sadra or someone who would want to see Frieza a little more dead before even entering the Tournament like Universe 4 God of Destruction.
Dragon Ball Super Episode 94-98 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95

Coal between Goku and Freeza Dark Fourth universe trap. Members of the ninth universe come to the earth of the seventh universe aiming to take down freeza. Goku and Freeza who are forced to struggle against opponents who do not care.
Meanwhile kittela the fourth cosmic god of destruction who was watching the fight comes up with a secret dirty plan. This is the most interesting of all spoilers which are out.
We would be seeing two of the greatest fighters of universe 7 fight together against some of the best from universe 9.
Yeah, I Know some of you might be angry reading, us calling Freeza one of the best worrier, but face it he is the closest so someone who could keep up with God form Goku. Then we have the god of destruction of universe 4, Kittela who is busy plotting a plan to take down universe 7 even before the enter the tournament.
It’s my personal speculation but i am pretty sure universe 4 would not be able to keep their own in the tournament whatever is the matter. They do not have elite worries nor I see much strategic (and fair) planning for the tournament. So what is the plan Kittela is concocting?


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