Boruto Episodes 10 Review and Episode 11-14 Spoilers!

First, Let us have a look at the Review of Boruto Episodes 10.
Haven’t Watched the Episode Yet? Well here is the Episode:

Boruto Episode
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Now without Wasting Much time Lets have a quick Review of Episode 10.
Well This week’s episode showed appreciable development when it comes to plot. The build up towards the dark chakra incidents was slow.

Although, This isn’t the case this week. eventually, we have a lot of statistics on the incidents happening all across Konoha right now. They’ve done really well to crown my interest, atleast. Things are moving quite fast right now, and optimistically this arc will be completed within the next 5-6 episodes.
Boruto Episode

In terms of the content this episode provided, it was decent. This episode seemed like a filler in the sense that no actual fighting happened, but we got a ton of development. There was lots more interaction between Boruto and his parents, emphasizing the struggles that they both face in their lives. I wish that Hinata could play a bigger role in Boruto’s development, or even Himawari’s. Right now, she just seems like your typical house mom, taking care of the kids and making sure they study. I do, however, appreciate how she’s like the middle ground of the family. Despite the conflicts that Boruto and Naruto face, she’s there as the calm and collected one who handles these types of situations. Now that I think about it, Hinata mentoring Himawari would be so badass!

This episode had a ton of comedy in it. Maybe even a little too much for my own taste, but I do like the consistent implication of comedy used to brighten the mood of the episode. The most relatable and funny scene in my opinion would be when Boruto gets home and is confronted at the door by an angry Hinata due to skipping school. The inspiration from this most likely stems from Kushina, who’s hair stood up when she was angry. The series does a good job in maintaining the balance between the comedy and the seriousness.

Boruto Episode

The detail shown in a character’s every action is just stellar. For example, when Boruto & friends were delivering mail, the way in which they did it heavily represented their character. While Boruto and Shikadai focused on getting rid of the mail ASAP, even if they did a lousy job, Mitsuki remained calm and used his abilities to his advantage to get the job done.

Boruto Episode

Also, Naruto’s insecurities as a father have been increasingly adding onto his character, as well. It’s a whole new chapter of his life! After the hardships he’s faced in previous years, he now takes on the stressful role of being a Hokage and a father, the latter being absent throughout his own life. I’m curious to see how Naruto will develop as an adult. Although he’s a grown man, there’s still so much more for him to learn and experience, which I think is part of the beauty of this anime.

Boruto Episode

The whole workplace assignment was a very unique way of introducing us to what’s to come in the next episode! It was original and brought about some good interaction between the characters. Overall well planned and detailed episode! The massive cliffhanger with Sumire Kakei lying unconscious WASN’T FAIR. Who’s responsible for all of this? Is it someone infected by the dark chakra, or is it the mastermind behind it all?

Boruto Episode

So this is Where the Review Ends. I will rate this Episode as 8/10. This would have been better if there were some fighting scenes in it.

Now Lets Look Forward towards the Spoiler of Upcoming Episodes:

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