Dragon Ball Super: Frieza and Goku gonna fight again!?

Dragon Ball Super: Frieza and Goku gonna fight again!?: It may sound Fishy but it is a big possibility that Goku and Frieza are going to fight with each other in or around Episode 93 of Dragon Ball Super . Goku is going to ask Frieza to join the Universe 7 Team for the Tournament of Power . Frieza will most likely refuse to join but there is still a chance that Goku will be able to convince him as well . Further is just a Theory that I devised myself , so if you don’t like reading fan theories then you may stop reading right here .

Dragon Ball Super: Frieza and Goku gonna fight again!?

Let us first have a quick look at the Title and Synopsis of Episode 93 of Dragon Ball Super

Title: “ You’re the 10th Warrior! Goku visits Frieza!!” Airing Date- June 4th.

Synopsis: After seeing with his own eyes that Buu won’t awaken no matter what, Goku suggests recruiting Frieza as the 10th member. While everyone objects, Goku hurries to ask Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect Frieza from Hell for just 24 hours.


So now according to me There is a chance that Frieza invites Goku to Fight and If Goku wins then Frieza will Fight in the “Tournament of Power” otherwise Not! This time Goku is going to give his best but what about Frieza!? After seeing that Akira Toriyama is focused on making other characters powerful too then there must be chances that Frieza might give Goku a tough competition and what If Frieza say no Directly? What will happen then? Who will fight at Majin Buu’s place? All the questions will be answered on Episode 93 so now lets just wait for the Episode and hope that we are going to see a Goku VS Frieza fight soon again in the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super!

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  1. i think pikkon should be in the tournament of power why should we take frieza he his roughless and another members don’t like him they should choose pikkon instead of frieza


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