Dragon Ball Super Tournament Battle Royal


Dragon Ball Super Tournament Battle Royal

The Dragon Ball Super Tournament Battle Royal : One match to decide it all that will be of 48  minutes.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Battle Royal

The article is to explain you fans how things will be going in the upcoming tournament. You might already been aware of the basic rules of not killing and no arms allowed rules, so I won’t take it to depth. The one rule I want to emphasis on is the one where the grand priest face was turned evilish. What does he really mean the fighting field will be large enough?

The world of void doesn’t allow flights out of the arena, and also what happens to ones thrown out of the arena? Do they well to put it decently DIE? No weapons allowed well a good thing for universe 7, was there have been many instances where extra-body parts were involved to win a fight.

No killing and no flying is allowed 🙂

Dragon Ball Super Tournament Battle Royal

For ones wondering what battle royal is…


yeah that’s the simplest one can get.

So there will be 8 universes fighting at once and team work and skills play a very important role. What I was thinking is Vegito allowed? Team play is a key and what good example is Vegito of a team play?

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